50 CU YD 003If you’re looking at this page you probably own or operate a construction site.

Or are responsible for bulk waste disposal at a large company. Perhaps you are based in Glasgow or another part of Scotland.

Maybe you’re from another part of the UK but are looking for a friendly, knowledgeable and reliable service from a family-run firm with 40 years’ experience hiring ro-ro containers?

Ro-Ro Container Hire

These containers are big. Not the sort of thing you see parked outside someone’s house. If you want one of those, try here.

They roll on, and roll off lorries specially designed to carry them.

We have four sizes of ro-ro container:

  • 20 Cubic Yards.
  • 35 Cubic Yards.
  • 40 Cubic Yards.
  • 50 Cubic Yards.


Our hire periods are uber-flexible and we can fit in with your changeover requirements. And you’ll find our prices very reasonable too.

Last thing. Here’s an idea of the sort of waste you might need a ro-ro container for:

  • Large bits of wood and metal.
  • Window frames.
  • Big construction waste.
  • “Dry” waste that is not hazardous.
  • Waste that’s recyclable.

Interested? Fill in our form below and we’ll ring you straight back. We’d really like to chat through your requirements. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff are there to guide you through the buying process.

So you get the right container for your needs. Want to speak to them direct? Ring 01236 730 730.

Photo credit: Dean Hochman / Foter.com / CC BY