Scotland builder’s skip hire garden rubbleIf you are looking to hire a builder’s skip in Scotland you’ve come to the right place.

It’s likely you are a householder and want to get rid of some waste.

Maybe you’ve finally got round to redoing your garden?

Perhaps you’re getting some building work done and need to put a small skip on your driveway or the road outside your front door?

Whatever the reason, a so-called 8-yard-skip could be the solution to your problem.


Because they are small, 8-yard builder’s skips are comparatively low cost. And easy to locate.

Albeit many people forget that the transport vehicle they arrive in is pretty large. So remember to leave some space!

Things to bear in mind when hiring a builder’s skip:

  • 8-yard-skips can fit the equivalent of around 80 full bin bags of rubbish in them.
  • Please consider how much waste you have. While builder’s skip prices are cheaper than, for example, a 16-cubic-yarder. If you’re going to need space for 160 bin bags and not 80, hire a 16-cubic-yarder in the first place. It will be much more cost-effective than hiring four mini skips.
  • You can’t dump anything in a skip e.g. electrical appliances and tyres have to be disposed of properly.

Our top five most popular locations for builder’s skip hire are Glasgow, Cumbernauld, Edinburgh, Stirling and Perth. But we hire right across the UK.

If you are interested in hiring an 8-yard builder’s skip, fill in the form below. Or call one of our knowledgeable staff team on 01236 730 730.

We’ve been in the skip hire business for 10 years so we’ll be able to give you some good advice before you make your skip hire decision.

Photo credit: Jo Naylor / / CC BY