Rdf bales being discussed by two Dow staff membersIn 2011 Dow installed the first plant to produce Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) in Scotland.

The bespoke plant represents a significant investment by by Dow Waste Management in giving you, our customers, real alternatives to landfill.

Refuse Derived Fuel

Refuse derived fuel is made from domestic and the non-recyclable wastes from industrial & commercial wastes.

It is created by shredding and dehydrating solid waste.

This includes biodegradable material as well as plastics, and has a lower calorific value than solid recovered fuel.

Refuse derived fuel is used in combined heat and power facilities, many of them in Europe where they produce electricity and hot water for communal heating systems in the local area.

Compared to landfilling, the lower carbon emissions resulting from this approach to processing waste far outweigh the emissions associated with transporting the reclaimed fuel.

Dow Waste Management is one of the largest producers of solid refuse derived fuel in Scotland.

We are able to use our knowledge, new plant infrastructure and our quayside facility at Grangemouth to supply this material to customers in Europe.

We are experienced in the production, transport and testing of these products and can tailor them to meet customer needs.

Solid Recovered Fuel

Rows of rdf bales at Dow’s Cumbernauld headquartersSolid recovered fuel is a high quality alternative to fossil fuel.

It is produced from commercial waste including paper, card, wood, textiles and plastic.

It can be produced to a range of specifications to meet customer requirements.

With a moisture content of fewer than 15 per cent, solid recovered fuel has a high calorific value and is used in facilities such as cement kilns.

Recovered Fuels

Recovered fuels consist mainly of waste paper, cardboard, wood and LDPE and other light materials.

These materials have been passed through the MRF process and are no longer able to be recycled.

Usually this waste is sent straight to landfill. 

High Quality Fuels

The combination of wastes processed at our Lenziemill Road material facility in Cumbernauld are sorted and segregated to produce RDF.

There are many different combinations of wastes that produce a type of RDF.

There’s nothing we like more than talking about RDF and the like. It’s what marks us out from our competitors. Please call our knowledgeable staff team on 01236 730 730 or fill in the contact form.