Lenziemill Industrial Estate Site

We've Listened. We've Learnt. We Have a Solution.

Read all about Dow's plans to build a large landscaped embankment around its Lenziemill Road site in response to residents' concerns.

The Plan

Dow is a family-owned business that has occupied its Lenziemill Road industrial estate site since 2005.

We sort and separate Cumbernauld and surrounding areas’ household, commercial and industrial waste.

In recent years residents have complained about the noise and visual impact of our site. We have listened and have a solution.

We are submitting a planning application to build the embankment to North Lanarkshire Council. If it gets approval we will build the embankment.



Planning Process

3-9 months
Summer 2015-Spring 2016


Build Embankment

9 months
Summer 2016-Spring 2017

Fir trees

Landscaping (Grass and Trees)

3 months
Spring 2017-Summer 2017

Q & A

Who Are Dow

We are a family-owned business that employs around 60 people, a third of whom live in Cumbernauld. We have operated a waste processing and recycling facility at our Lenziemill Road industrial estate site since 2005.

What We Do

Dow Waste Journey

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