Picture of trees to illustrate waste management firm Scotland Dow’s green approach.Sustainability is crucial. It’s important for your company, the UK, and particularly our company.

We are a sustainable waste management firm in Scotland. We take our private and public sector customers’ rubbish and recycle it.

That could be household waste from North Lanarkshire, construction waste from Perth or hazardous waste from Aberdeen.

Mostly we can turn the refuse into something useful.

You will be pleased to hear that we were the first recycling firm in Scotland to turn rubbish into fuel, for instance (more below).

And this is what we mean by sustainability. Fossil fuels are dwindling. Too much carbon dioxide is causing global warming.  

The world desperately needs sustainability and we are proud to be part of a long-term resource management solution.

What We Do

Dow is committed to the Scottish Government’s mission to change how waste is viewed and managed in Scotland.

And part of its commitment to tackling the damaging effects of climate change.

We sort and separate Scotland’s household, commercial and industrial waste. Dow staff work hard every day picking (and separating by hand) items that can be reused, and then sent on to be recycled.

Dow Waste Management rdf bales resource management Scotland.What cannot be recycled is then turned into bales and shipped to Europe to provide heat and steam for local communities.

By doing this, our waste is then used to create energy rather than being buried in landfill.

Environmental Accreditations

If you choose Dow Waste Management, you can rest assured we meet stringent safety and environmental standards.

We are proud to hold ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

In addition, we are members of the Chartered Institute of Waste Management (CIWM) and hold the following accreditations too:

Need Help Understanding Your Legislation and Regulations?

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